The Dart/Flutter Student Hackathon is aimed at students in CIS/Engineering and other related disciplines.  Upon graduation, every student should have a web, mobile, or desktop app in their portfolio to showcase.  Using Google's new Flutter/Dart sdk/language, students will have 48 hours to build a desktop, mobile, or webapp prototype of their choosing using either Dart or Flutter as a frontend language and either Dart or another language as the Backend for their App


Event Challenges

The two main event prototype challenges are posted below.

- An app designed to help covid relief efforts.

- An app designed to improve students lives in a remote environment.

Progamming Languages

- FrontEnd - Must be Flutter or Dart

- Backend -  Can be Dart or other backend Language (ie. go, ruby, php, node, rust, etc)

Other conditions/considerations (Optional)

- When building an API, consider using the API Choice OAS 3.0 standards

- Database Choice is open - but defend your choice



- Best Overall Flutter/Dart App

- Best App designed to help covid relief efforts

- Best App designed to improve students lives

- Best App To Make use of a Backend Dart Framework



Youssef Laabidi - UX/UI App Designer - Flush Dating

Ashir Shaikh - Software Developer

Akshay Madan - Software Developer

Ismail Elmogy - Flutter Developer

Loic NGOU - Flutter Developer

Anush Bhatia - Community Lead: Flutter Chennai



- No SQL With Firebase and Bloc (Godslove Lee)

- Rapid Prototyping Your App: Web, Mobile, Desktop (Karim Benmbarek)

- Properly Structuring your Flutter/Dart Code (Martin Bautisa)

- Building your app with Dart, NOT Flutter (Ashir Shaikh)

- Dynamic UI Animation In Flutter (Luqman Abdurrohman)


- Flutter CI/CD (Meta): Fastlane, Configuration, Github Actions, Runners (Sam Parks)

- Firebase as a App Backend (Raymond Gonzalez)

- State Management with: Provider, RiverPod, Bloc (Bill Odida)

- Animation and Motion Design with Flutter (Philip Vu)

- Functions and Push Notifications With FCM (Trey Hope)

- You've built your Flutter App, what's next? (Srimadhaven Thirumurthy)

- Deploying with Firebase, GCP, Cloud Run, And Docker (TBD)




- Physical Prizes can only be shipped to a US Physical Address


There are three components of the submission process.

1. Devpost

2. Gitlab or GitHub or Bitbucket Repo

3. Video Link


All teams should have a team name, and be registered with

The Devpost team page listing should have the following:

  • All student members on your team (all students must have been validated prior to submission)  Please validate your student status if you have not already done so
  • Names and registered email addresses of all team members must match their student validation forms.
  • Development tools used to build the project.
  • Gitlab / Github / BitBucket Project Name
  • SDKs used in the project.
  • APIs used in the project.
  • Any assets used in the project.
  • Any libraries used in the project.
  • Any components not created during the Hackathon.
Here is a good format to follow:
Name Of App
An application using xxxx  to do XYZ based on........
We want to increase the efficiency of shipping logistics in an effort to save businesses and customers time, money and resources.
What it does
Given an image of a shipping label, it performs OCR and creates a 'return-to-sender' shipping label with the appropriate fields populated.
How we built it
Written in python with Tesseract OCR open source library.
Challenges we ran into
Displaying the appropriate image, character recognition detecting all text fields on the image.
Accomplishments that we're proud of
Proud of our determination and commitment!
What we learned
The importance of planning, testing, and execution throughout the entire project process.
What's next for (App Name)
Hosting it on the web or exposing the algorithm to a mobile application (through phone cameras) and such.
Built with


1. Upload code to repository


- Ensure your repository has a file

- Include specific instructions on how to deploy your app and test to ensure it works flawlessly

- We highly recommend using Docker to deploy your app.  Although you can deploy on any environment to test and ensure it works.

3. Make Your Repo Public 

- This ensures the judges can actually view your work and deploy the app for testing


- Should be a DEMO walkthrough of your prototype and no longer than 5 minutes.

- Submissions on devpost will automatically require the video link.

All projects should be submitted to the Hackathon's Devpost Page/account before judging begins on Sunday December 12th at 12:00PM EST. Failure to submit will result in disqualification.

All projects submitted will be subject to a code-review. When the hackathon ends at least one member from each team will meet with the code review team for a brief review of their submission and to confirm that the team’s Devpost page has been correctly updated. Applications will be spot checked by code reviewers. All the projects selected by the judges as finalists will be code reviewed to confirm that the code is original work created during the event.

  • Submissions that do not meet the following criteria are subject to disqualification and/or removal.
  • Submission must be:
    • 1) original work of the Participant;
    • 2) must not have been previously published;
    • 3) must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity;
    • 4) must incorporate the technology provided by the Hackathon committee and/or Sponsors.

Hackathon Sponsors


$6,300 in prizes

Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

You study for the exam - we pay for it. This prize is geared for someone who wants to start on the path of becoming a google certified engineer. Must take the in person exam within 3 months of receiving the prize.

Audible Subscription

Listen to your favorite audio books or subscriptions for an ENTIRE YEAR + get access to the exclusive Catalog

Treehouse Subscription

Level up your tech skills in coding, designing, and more—all on your own time. You'll receive a treehouse giftcard.

Raspberry PI

Either a Vilros, Cana, Geeek, Raspberry Pi Kit for learning and exploring


- You'll receive a University Arduino Kit or select one of the Arduino Boards

AMD Ryzen Processor

Build your ideal computer with an AMD Ryzen processor

SSD (Solid State Drive)

Upgrade your PC with an M2 form Factor Solid State Drive or your PC Laptop with a Samsung SSD

Starting MotherBoard

ASRock B450 Pro4 ATX AM4 Motherboard is a great motherboard when building your first, second, or even third programming PC.

Udemy Subscription

Level up your skill set with a free Udemy Course of your choosing.

AirBnB Giveaway

This airbnb giveaway is a single prize for two people for up to $500, so choose your partner wisely.

Round Trip Airfare To Hawaii

Round Trip Airfare For Two (must be booked together) to Hawaii from anywhere in the Canada or the Continental United States. Both tickets must leave from and return to the same destination.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Karim Benmbarek

Karim Benmbarek
UX/UI App Designer - Anemhoi

Dhruv Tejani

Dhruv Tejani
Solutions Engineer / LivePerson

Minwoo Kim

Minwoo Kim
Co-Founder/ Anemhoi

Stella Song

Stella Song
Software Engineer / Mural

Raymond Gonzalez

Raymond Gonzalez
Mobile Application Developer / Oddball

Judging Criteria

  • Real World Value
    Rating is from 1-3. Is this a real problem with an addressable market need that needs solving relative to the challenge? How significant and relevant is the problem that the solution is trying to solve?
  • Originality
    Rating is 1-3. Is the idea original or is there something out there already in the market?
  • Working Prototype
    Rating from 1-3. Clear README file and is the app working? 1 = No instructions and only some of the app is working 2 = Clear instructions and only some of the app is working 3 = Clear instructions and the entire app works perfectly
  • Complexity
    Rating is from 1-3. How complex is the app? The more difficult to pull off the higher the rating.
  • Online Presentation
    Rating is 1-3. Is the team presentation precise, convincing, and to the point? Teams will be evaluated based on their presentation skills as well as the quality of communication and demonstration via their Youtube link.
  • Bonus - Shelf Server
    We know the unique challenges of using a new language. Teams that use Dart's Shelf as Middleware/Backend are eligible for a bonus point 1 Bonus Points = Full Backend Using Dart

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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